growing wild

Friday, October 6, 2006


This website is a creative outlet for Richard Thomson. I have been at various times and often still am a writer, editor, journalist, designer, father, tramper, climber and photographer and have always had trouble with the idea of specialisation. Some of those activities I pursue professionally. Please visit if you wish to find out more.

For years now I’ve had a somewhat random and very slowly expanding collection of my photos posted online, with captions that (possibly) give them some sort of context. Having a website has also been a way to play around online – yet another hobby – and so there have been at least half a dozen iterations over that time.

Recently I decided that perhaps I should also add some of the stories I’ve written, the ones that can plausibly come under a title like ‘growing wild’. Mostly, therefore, they were written as entertainment and are about being out of doors. Re-reading them, I’ve occasionally succumbed to the urge to make improvements.


Thanks to Edward Gorey (who had his own conflicted relationship with nature) for this picture: it’s an exquisite combination of naive joy and irony, or maybe absurdity. Whatever, the mixture seems completely genuine and, speaking for myself, something to aspire to. You need to read or even better purchase some of his work.

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